The Trotting Track of Mikkeli (Mikkelin ravirata)

The track is located in Mikkeli, Eastern Finland, about 2 km from the city centre of Mikkeli on the beautiful Kalevankangas forest area. The distance between Mikkeli and Helsinki is about 230 kilometres.

Because of it’s gentle curves the Track is the fastest in Finland and several world records have been made there. The biggest annual race is called St Michel, and the participants are the fastest horses of Europe who come to Mikkeli in order to make a new world record.

We offer special VIP-packages for the St Michel race (on 20th and 21th of July).
The VIP-packages include entrance to the track and VIP-area, high-class lunch and a drink. The VIP-package costs 75 euros/day.
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We can plan different kinds of packages for all our race events. The package can for example include dinner in our restaurant and a guided tour on the stable area. Please contact us for more information, we are eager to help.